Cyber Insurance

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, you will be affected by a cyber event.  Even large IT specific companies have been affected by Cyber-attacks. The Cryptolocker virus which has spread like wild fire, worldwide, causing many millions of dollars in damage to computer systems and company profits effected even the most IT savvy businesses.

As a medical practice, you store sensitive data and have important electronic systems that assist your practice generate its revenue.

Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection can provide cover for the following:

  • Your costs to deal with a cyber breach (e.g. Forensic investigations, lawyers, IT security experts, notifying patients and regulators and public relations costs)
  • Your lost revenue following a cyber attack
  • Systems damage rectification costs – costs to restore data, programs and networks
  • Liability and fines you incur for breach of privacy – the office of the Australian information commissioner can now seek fines against organisations of up to $1.7m and against individuals of $340,000

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